Play Games Get Bitcoin or Other Crypto Money, This is NFT Gaming!

Play Games Get Bitcoin or Other Crypto Money, This is NFT Gaming!

Creativity is evolving in the digital world and is associated with an increase in the number of cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology.

Now, a new type of digital product is growing, namely NFT or Non-Fungible Token.

Yes, recently, assets owned by digital businesses, such as photos, videos or other virtual works, are being sold in the form of tokens or NFTs that are no longer provocative.

Digital assets sold in the NFT format will have a “digital certificate” indicating the authenticity of the asset, even though there are many copies circulating in cyberspace.

One example is the first tweet sent by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The tweet was auctioned in NFT format and sold for around INR 42 billion.

Works sold in NFT form are registered on the blockchain.

Blockchain is a type of digital “notebook” similar to a network that supports Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Now, NFT is only used to sell digital assets.

The use of NFT has penetrated the playing field used by players to earn money through NFT games.

What is NFT Gaming?

NFT Gaming is an attempt to make money by playing or is often called making money by playing.

The “play-find” movement is a recent phenomenon in the gaming industry.

NFT game players then collect game assets or prizes that can be converted to real money.

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In the gaming world, NFT assets can be exchanged or even in the form of virtual currency.

The cryptocurrency can then be exchanged for real money again on an exchange platform that supports the game.

There are currently many game names that fall into the NFT games category, one of which is Axie Infinity.

This is undoubtedly very new and can change people’s view of games as well as players who often spend money buying their various favorite items in the game.

Since players normally buy in-game items, they cannot get back any money used.

This means that when they spend real money on the game, the money is gone and cannot be returned.

Thanks to the NFT, players have the opportunity to exchange their invested money for real money.

In addition, they can also gamble by earning as much revenue as possible by obviously buying, collecting or creating a valuable asset in a game that has adopted the NFT.

An example of the NFT in the game

One popular game that uses the NFT engine is the Pokémon-similar Sky Mavis pet game, Axie Infinity.

There, players can collect valuable assets called Small Love Potions (SLP), which can be obtained by defeating other players in combat.

The combat engine itself will depend on the pets each player purchases, which are called “Wasps”.

The collected SLP can then first be exchanged for cryptocurrency assets and then converted to the original currency.

In the Philippines, NFT Axie Infinity grew in popularity during the pandemic.

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Game developer Sky Mavis reports that 29,000 of the game’s 70,000 downloads this April were from the Philippines.
The increase was due to the unemployment rate in the Philippines, which fluctuated during the pandemic.

This NFT Axie Infinity game serves as an alternative to earn.

There is also Guild of Guardians, an RPG (RPG) game that allows players to gather NFT resources by eradicating monsters in a variety of unique items that can be used in the game.

Then the collected NFT assets can be exchanged on the in-game open market or exchanged for cryptocurrency that can be converted into real currency.

more and more popular

For your information, NFT was first used in a blockchain game called CryptoKitties in October 2017.

In the game, users can adopt or keep a virtual cat that can be swapped.

Like having a pet in the physical world, a digital cat will have a unique identity (token) to show that the cat belongs entirely to the user.

When CryptoKitties was released, the concept of NFT in the game itself was considered too early as few games embraced it.

But in 2021, NFT assets are growing.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic that has been going on since 2019 has also forced people to seek alternative entertainment at home, including games.

This means more people will be playing and the game’s NFT business model could become the latest source of revenue.

However, it goes back to game developers and how they integrate the NFT into their games and popularize them to be known to many people.

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At the same time, a game often also needs to have a browsing and gaming engine that will make users feel at home while playing for long periods of time.

Because the essence of the NFT in the game is to play to win and play hard to get the most profit.

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