Three money-making crypto games will be transferred directly to your wallet!

Nowadays, more amore games , also known as play-to-earn games, offer reciprocity and even money. Cryptocurrency exchanges are also thriving in this sector.

In early 2021, the wave of NFT hits the game world. Total NFT trading volume reached $22 billion in August, up from $338 in January, according to Statista data.

Here are 5 crypto games where you can make money. This data is the result of a study by a BDC consulting agency and is based on data from CoinMarketCap and TokenTerminal via Blockchainmedia.

1. Axie Infinity

The game has suddenly become popular in the last few days and may even be ranked number one in the Ethereum application with the highest number of transactions. Large-scale trading volume for the week of September exceeded US$100,000 and reached US$1.29 million.

To get crypto assets in this game, players need to raise pets and fight other players. The crypto assets obtained are Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). Each pet is an NFT that can be traded on the game marketplace.

2. CryptoBlades

This game is a must-see for anyone who likes PvP games as it organizes the battles between characters.

The trading volume of CryptoBlades reaches US $ 99.65 million per month, and players are distributed a profit of US $ 3 million per day.

Players can profit from winnings and buying and selling NFT. Skill tokens are crypto assets used to purchase weapons and other features in this game. The winning player gains 0.05 skills. This token can be bet and sold on the exchange.

3. Alien World

From Alien World Games, players can get Ethereum, BSC, and WAX cryptocurrencies because they are based on these three networks.

Currently, it is estimated that there are 2.7 million active players, and the game achieved a large transaction of US$ 5.74 million in September 2021.

The gameplay is very easy. You can buy land in Alien World to mine TLM crypto assets and rent land to other players. Mined tokens appear instantly in the player’s wallet and can reach thousands of dollars a month

4. Iluvium (ILV)

Iluvium, also known as ILV, is an open world fantasy fighting game built on the Ethereum blockchain. This ILV is the primary token used to reward players for their in-game achievements. In addition, ILV will also provide players with their share on Iluvium and will be used to participate in the administration of the game.

Enjin Coin is a corporate currency that provides an interconnected ecosystem of blockchain-based gaming products. This mechanism allows game developers to define game entries in the Ethereum blockchain. By using Enjin Coin, he will be able to support digital assets issued using his platform, which means goods can be traded for real value.

5. My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer building game where anyone can buy and own a virtual island, collect and craft interesting items, and make new friends.

ALICE is the original utility token from My Neighbor Alice and is used for inter-game currency, governance, player incentives, and staking.

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