Money Making App Recommendations

As technology advances, you can make money using the following applications: Money making apps are becoming a trend among millennials today. With just your smartphone, you can make money without leaving the house. You must complete the missions given by each application. Later, rewards are given in the form of points or coins, which can be exchanged for cash, credits or vouchers as needed. Some of the missions performed depend on your chosen money making app policy. To that end, here summarizes 8 money-making apps you can try.

Cashzine Application

Cashzine is a money making app that doesn’t require a PayPal account. This app ranks #1 on the Play Store. In Cashzine’s special term, a reward or ‘Readward’ is given after a user reads a post and shares it on their social media accounts.

In addition to gaining additional knowledge from reading, you can later pay your readings in the form of money into your personal bank account. The drawer method in Cashzine is also very quick and easy.

AppKarma Rewards and Gift Cards Application

AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards is a money making application that doubles daily rewards and bonuses when users install and play every day.
Also, users who want to relieve boredom can watch videos, answer karma quizzes, log in daily, and invite friends to install karma. This will increase the user’s reward.

CashApp Application

CashApp is a money making application with a mission. You must complete this mission to receive a reward. This mission includes:

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– Install and run the application
– Watch the video
– Fill out a survey
– Speak your opinion about a specific application.

Users will receive credits from each mission later. The usage credits are then exchanged for cash, allowing users to transfer money to their personal accounts.

Making money Application

Money making apps are dollar money making apps. The condition to earn money is to watch a video that is on average 40 seconds long and click the “Like” button on the video. As a result, users will receive $0.10 per video. Gamers will also be able to install and play money-making games directly on their accounts, without having to spend any up-front capital or use the apps that Earn Money recommends directly. The user can then get $0.2 worth of money. Of course, when using this application, the user must have a PayPal account as the transfer method.

JAKPAT Application

Jakpat or Poll is simply an application for making money that gives points to users who become responders. Users offer many surveys based on topics such as games, online stores, music, beauty, lifestyle, and more. There are many options for redeeming the points you earn by answering surveys. Users can exchange for cash, LINE stickers, concert tickets or spectator tickets.

Gift wallet Application

Gift Wallet is a money earning application that uses a coin system to exchange money and pay to your Paypal account. The mission of this application is very simple. This means playing a game or watching a video that GiftWallet recommends. Sharing the gift wallet with a user’s social media account allows the user to receive additional coins and later cash out. The minimum coin withdrawal is 1,510, which is equivalent to $2.

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Application from Missho

Meesho is a money making application that registers or becomes a reseller of products known as dropshipping. If you want to start a business but don’t have the capital, Misho is the answer. Users simply need to register as a member and select the products they want to advertise. Later, the user can place orders on behalf of the buyer. The more buyers you attract, the greater the value of the commission you earn.

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